We can make paper or plastic bunting, banners and flags in your style.

We can make your sizes and shapes. For further information, please,

Christian Fabrications - BP 50 - Z.I. les chasses - 32 rue Nicolas Appert - 26102 Romans Cedex - France - tel : +33 (0)4 75 72 55 22 - fax : +33 (0)4 75 71 03 23 - email :
Christian Fabrications Party goods manufacturer : party articles, flameproof paper confetti, luxury carnival confetti, flameproof metallic confetti, paper or plastic garlands, banners, buntings, flags, sash, balloons, advertising items, advertising coaster, advertising paper hand-waving flag, advertising paper or plastic bunting, flameproof paper snow, biodegradable, Wedding, flameproof paper garland, flameproof paper ball, flameproof paper fan, Christmas glitter, Star glitter, Hologram snowflakes glitter, Exotic paper bunting, Aloha cut-out, Rigid Palm, Mexico plastic bunting, Country / Pirate Bunting, Soccer UEFA Euro 2020, Soccer cut-out, Soccer Plastic bunting, Soccer paper bunting. Fr : confettis, guirlandes, mariage, neige, plv, distributeurs, Guirlandes et suspensions en papiers ignifugés Country / Pirate, Coupe d'Europe foot 2020 .
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